CHOPLIN Ventures

CHOPLIN Ventures invests in small, mature, steady businesses.

Most business owners have spent years building a great business but don't have an exit strategy.
And selling your business is an emotional rollercoaster… paperwork, uncertainty, and imperfect buyers.
We'll help you transition into your next step in life with peace of mind.

Who ARE We?

We are ten seasoned entrepreneurs with years of combined experience in management, recruiting, systems design, IT, digital marketing, and finance.

🇬🇧 Choplin Ventures is a London investment firm that acquires, owns & operates small businesses like:

  • Education companies (eg. nurseries, daycares, tuition centers, private schools, online tutoring services)
  • Assisted living and home care businesses
  • Sector-specific marketing agencies
  • Professional services (eg. laundry service, HVAC, medical, M&E maintenance)
  • Home services (eg. laundromats, landscaping, cleaning, facility management)

What sets us apart

We are the OPPOSITE of traditional funds in that we buy with no intention of selling; we like businesses that we can hold indefinitely (or at least for 10+ years).

We prefer to keep the current leadership in place and dislike financial reengineering. We focus our energy on stabilizing rather than changing the business following your departure.

We are fundamentally operators, not investors. While we invest in growth we also provide marketing, sales, bookkeeping, staffing, project management, and administrative services as a function of needs.

Our Promise

We are ready to put in the hard work to understand your legacy, absorb your culture, define the strategic path to continued success for your operation and take over responsibility for the future.

Our Principles

We believe that small businesses like yours warm up the heart of every community. Life on Main Street is under threat by e-commerce, complex politics and massive retirement demographics. A lot of baby boomers that own businesses are retiring and need a good transition plan. That’s what we’re here for.

How We Help

We help you unlock the value you created over a lifetime and transition your business into a safe, lasting capital structure accompanied by a diverse, 21st-century skillset.

Connect With Us

Investment Criteria

🤔 What to expect?

i. We offer a smooth, structured, stress-free introductory experience, where we get to know each other.

ii. We immediately sign a one-sided, strict confidentiality agreement that restricts us from ever sharing any information you provide us. No one will ever find out about our discussions.

iii. We thoughtfully collect the minimum amount of information needed, explaining exactly what is happening at each step. You never feel overwhelmed.

iv. We respond to all your queries within 24 hours and will give you a Go/No Go decision within 14 days.

v. If we can’t submit an offer within your desired range, we will not insult you by quoting a cheap price.

🤞 Are we the right fit for each other?

i. We are best able to help businesses with 500K-5M of annual revenue.

ii. If you have between 5-20 employees, we can really help you develop your people.

iii. It would be great if you are already consistently profitable, so we can grow your profitability further.

iv. We would love it if you have run your business for over 10 years. We have long-term strategic plans for any company we buy. No short-term thinking here.

v. That would mean you probably have a strong reputation in your local or regional community.